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"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?"-Picasso

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Return of Brick!

YAY!!! HE'S BACK!! Brick says he had a wonderful time visiting his lakeside house for six months but missed me muches. And that he doesn't like Oliver the cat??;) But decided that Ethan will tentatively make an okay pet owner someday in the future as long as the pet is a rock. (Wow, what a meanie!) Pics: Brick's Welcome Home party, showing my love!, and Basement Kitteh terrorizing him.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nature Is Disrupted
Pretty much the best song ever...^-^ Pertaining to a certain 'fartstick' in the words of Greg Cousins. Haha!! Awwhhe... thanks to London and Jordan for that day in the Cash Wise parking lot when they first made me listen to it. I appreciated that they decided it was My Song. :) Ahm... Yeah so I made a pretty cool video but my computer is having issues tonight so I will have to share it some other time. :/ Which is a bummer, because its really... well, its entertaining at least. OOOH It just thundered and lightenininged....! Yaay!! I like sleeping during storms. They are pretty... and I love waking up to rain... hmm maybe I am just a depressing person in the morning. Until I have my coffee. I'm like that guy in the McDs commercial--everything's just NO until I get caffiene... ^-0 AH I NEED THE PLASTIC BEACH CD (like, the real legitamate material CD, not MP3 format or anything)!!!! Which means I need money.
Sigh. I ...stoled onto Facebook earlier :b Idek how to say it.. but mostly just hoping to talk to someone. I even resorted to the DREADED POKING... I hate the poke.. it's just, the most POINTLESS ANNOYING THING. But I was hoping it might be useful in getting people's attention. Unfortunately, not. I just needed someone to talk to but it was all alone ... everyone's out partying on a Saturday :) And i guess when you poke it doesn't register to cell phones either? I'm not sure. >:#
[i miss you!]{hug}

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yeah, I thought I'd take a picture of my room... because its honestly never been this messy before. I'm one of those clean people. Except that I just stopped caring :b so everything's... everywhere! It's not actually that bad-you can still see the super ugly carpet.
I hung out at my Grandmother's house until one tonight. Aren't I like, cool? We watched old movies :) I didn't really wanna stay that late, buttt she's so lonely I figured it was my good deed. Plus Ethan dumby head's at Nerdfest and Jojubuh went up to Kate's for the weekend (WHAT? NO WAY) annnnddd so.. Yeah I went to Applebees with them the other night. Here's me hoping it was gonna be really fun---Yeah. After about five minutes I felt like shooting myself IN THE FACE.... No offense. At least Cole would talk to me and he didn't know what was going on either so I didn't feel like a 100% idiot... just like 98.7%.. So I was just like, okay, why do I even?.... Idek I must just be a big complainer :P Then again, it was like that 6 months ago ... so why should it have changed for the better....
PHAAWWW.. ><>:( ALL the time. Honestly!
If I had you, that would be the only thing I'd ever need...If I had you life would be a party It'd be ecstasy!
Why is it you always get the songs you hate stuck in your head? Even though they sometimes have legit lyrics...but Adam Lambert... NO
.... Yeah so. Enjoy life. It's the one thing you've got going for you. :3

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If Quizzes Are Quizzical

So, these are the boots I want for the season! I know they're kinda random, like they don't really match my board or coat or... anything :) But I LOVE THEM... I dunno. If I can manage to afford them I'll buy.. otherwise just some ugly black ones :< *emo tear*
I just finished making peanut butter bar things for our "flashlight tag" party tommorow night... Yeah. I don't even know. My parents just were like 'oh yeah were having a party!' so I was like Okay! I went out to Cash Wise the Ghetto Grocery and got some smores stuff. What is up with every single high school guy working there? Like it doesn't seem that fun or cool. Annoying. You shoulda seen me, it was funny. I forgot to grab a bag so I was walking around practically dropping all the stuff... I BOUGHT POPTARTS!
Umm... I got a dA account. DeviantArt. I used to have one but I never did anything with it, and I forgot about it... Figured I'd post some of my lameo drawings :b and pictures.. ramble about Brick a little bit. That sort of thing.
I went to Andersons and gave Sandy (sp??) some stuffed shells today. I laughed cause she's like Oh I'd invite you in but when we got our new tub put in theres stuff all over the floor and I'm in the middle of cleaning it. Not that I really care! I'm a messy person by nature!
Mhm. Service tomorow! <___> it makeths me jump for joy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bridge to Nowhere

After O-Town flooded... I think this is Mineral Springs Park? Piccy was taken by friend Rachel Schirmer, I only edited/fixed...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big O

Yeah, it's Oliver! Oliver Ellington Endress (how do you spell Endress? or Endres? I dunno.) :D He's so cute! We went out in service together Saturday, he kept staring at me like he was frightened... I think it might be my white hair? Not really sure. Big O is what I will call him forever, though. Blaaahhh Holy Stuff I haven't done ANYTHING today. I cleaned. And watched the Vikes --we actually WON for once!-- because I thought I was going to be meeting up with someone but turned out it didn't work out. Which is a bummer because it's important and I want to do it soon! Wah! Aaaannnddd I ate an Eggo for dinner :D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Camper

Cutie! #_# At least his smile cheers me today. My FRIENDS are all having a Star Wars party marathon :b I wouldn't mind but no one wants to just be honest to me, it's always 'i'm busy' or whatever. Like, I don't mind, REALLY! I'd just wish you had the guts to SAY IT! I'm gonna find out anyway, i'm not completely dumb. I had my own party anyweyyy with Erick and Sara and Big O. :) It was fun. And I ate sooo much canddyyy^-^ Yum! Annd lets see. I'm worried I got my friend into trouble. I din't mean to. Although APPARENTLY facebook played into that a lot WHICH I WASNT TOLD. See, I knew facebook is a no-no, it just gets ya into trouble. :b But I'm not texting or trying to meet up or get together with people, so. And I'm gonna have a conversation with parental unit tomorow so that everything's straight between us.. Cause I'm doing this the right way :) START IT OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT. Although this person needs to figure it out and start at least trying to do what his parents want, because he is just making it hard for himself... I found that out the hard way.... Just being honest! I only say it cause I care :) And they honestly honestly just want to help and make sure nothing bad happens to him. So. Or at least give them some information so that they aren't like, frustrated and worried and angry and all. I dunno, I don't live there so I can't say, that's just what I think. :/
All the kids, all the kids these days...
Do you really wanna be that way?
Let me say, let me say, let me say,
Does it really have to be that way?
Tell 'Em-Sleigh Bells.

Silly Days / Cuddly Nights

All photos are Chandra Springborg's, I just edited them. :)


Just two of my old pictures that I fixed a little bit.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Save the Date

My friend Chandra Springborg and her fiancee :-) Aren't they cute?....

High Violet

I just had to put this out there; the most beautiful song I own:

Runaway-The National.

I randomly bought their cd one day because I liked the cover art, and seriously, it's the best... this song is SO AMAZING... *shivers!*

"What makes you think I'm enjoying being lead to the flood?"


Yup. All that drawing power unleashed... b: It's not much. The first one is kinda just my way of procastinating... i'm like 30 lessons behind in Algebra II but i hate it.. equations scare me... so instead of finding the zeroes and factoring and all i just decided to DRAW myself doing it ^-^ with Felicia (Darkstalkers) helping. Hehe. And the bottom is my own characters, Oliver and Ryan... haven't quite straightened out their story yet but tentatively i'm thinking they're part of The Unreal-group of freedom fighters?? ughhh not sure. :) we'll see.
BTW: I did it FINALLY!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY! :)))))))))))))

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


These are just three of the bjd's from Doll-zone and Luts that I would diieeee for... specially the first one^-^ Contrary to most normal people, I don't really like the Dollfie versions... eh... I looked into making my own but i'm not good with sculpting OR DRILLS or just putting stuff together in general...ha. So eventually I'll probably shell out the 400$ for one. :o

This Old Radio

An old GE radio I found at a craft (crap) sale... for 4$ b:
"I wish you'd take my radio to bathe with you, plugged in and ready to fall."

The Sleepy Goose

The title is self-explanatory... Although I guess I never thought about how geese sleep. Not that I really wanted to know, they scare the heck outta me. They BITE!! >;....( Icky!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Kitty Want Some Candy

Here's my doodling for the day. Issa Catgirl! Yaay! I didn't finish shading or the background (she's not retarded, her arm is leaning on something). But I've gotta sleeeep 'cause it's the Special Day Assembly tommorow and I'm getting up at six. & _ &


You and Me by Dave Matthews Band (Tab)
I'm learning to play it because it's simple but beautiful.


Another project for my art course. Unfortunately, it's hard to see all the little details in the picture. But in essence it's a bride and groom made of wire. (:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Red


55 Songs to Play Extremely Loud in Your Car

If you don't know these or own them already, check 'em out nowww! This is really a short list, but it's some of my current favourites.
1. Death By Diamonds and Pearls/Band of Skulls
2. Friends/Band of Skulls
3. Positive Tension/Bloc Party
4. Helicopter/Bloc Party
5. Hunting For Witches/Bloc Party
6. Light It Up/Blood Red Shoes
7. At The Bottom/Brand New
8. Daisy/Brand New
9. Guns of Summer/Coheed & Cambria
10. Here We Are Juggernaut/Coheed & Cambrai
11. Bye Bye Beautiful/Coheed & Cambria
12. I Cut Like A Buffalo/The Dead Weather
13. New Pony/The Dead Weather
14. Blue Blood Blues/The Dead Weather
15. Hustle and Cuss/The Dead Weather
16. Gasoline/The Dead Weather (Basically any song by them KICKS BUTT)
17. When I'm Gone/Eminem :)
18. 25 To Life/Eminem
19. Ulysses/Franz Ferdinand
20. Chyeaaa!/From First To Last
21. Clint Eastwood/Gorillaz
22. Stylo/Gorillaz
23. Take It Off/Ke$ha
24. Dinosaur/Ke$ha
25. Monster/Lady Gaga
26. Teeth/Lady Gaga
27. Daylight/Matt and Kim
28. Tease/The Medic Droid
29. Brian Eno/MGMT
30. Electric Feel/MGMT
31. Jane Fonda/Mickey Avalon x)
32. Black Cadillacs/Modest Mouse
33. King Rat/Modest Mouse
34. Float On/Modest Mouse
35. Little Lion Man/Mumford & Sons
36. Violet Eyes/My Gold Mask
37. Emergency [Alternative Version]/Paramore
38. Careful/Paramore
39. Dearest (I'm So Sorry)/Picture Me Broken
40. My Darkest Hour/Scary Kids Scaring Kids
41. Spider Besider/Secret & Whisper
42. XOXOXO/Secret & Whisper
43. Tell 'Em/Sleigh Bells
44. Crown on the Ground/Sleigh Bells
45. Treats/Sleigh Bells
46. Cut Me Up Jenny/Taking Back Sunday
47. Carpathia/Taking Back Sunday
48. Timberwolves At New Jersey/Taking Back Sunday
49. Cobrastyle/Teddybears
50. Heads Will Roll/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
51. Gold Lion/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
52. Warrior/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
53. Phenomena/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
54. Ambling Alp/Yeasayer
55. Tuff 'n Stuff/Yes Giantess

You Don't Want Me There By Your Side

I didn't actually dooooddlee this little guy... Although it looks just like something I have, haaa. But this is how my day's going today. & __ 0 ---Lost!-Coldplay---

Monday, October 4, 2010

You'll Just Know.

Chevelle.... ah... she refused to look at the camera. So I forced her to, like the nice pet owner I am. ^ _________^

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I hate them. I hate them hate them hate them hate them...
So, I ordered mah skinny Ari Volcom snowpants from like on september 1st. They sent me a reciept email, and said It'd take 3-6 days for them to ship. So after waiting two weeks I emailed their customer service dept and was like WTH? Srsly?!??!?! And they emailed me back:
Oh sorry for the inconvienience, those are the new '11 model and so they are on backorder but should arrive on October 1st. So I waited-it's October 3rd. I just got an email this afternoon saying that my order couldn't be fufilled because my credit card company wouldn't do it blah blah blah. So basically they didn't charge me for it until now, and the total was 150.00; and right now I only have like, 55.00....


Yes, I will be holding this grudge most likely forever. I have waited too long for sexy snowpants to be nice about it.

Because last time I ordered from them I had problems too... thought it was just a mix up, turns out they just suck in general. Just an FYI for everyone. CHOOSE DOGFUNK.COM INSTEAD! <>

Anyways, that was my psychotic rant for the day. But it literally doesn't even begin to touch the BURNING FURY... : > Freal!

Uhmm... today was congregation 'scavenger hunt' so I got to sit at home all day by myself. Oh, also had to clean this nasty gym in town, M.C Fitness. It's so gross. But my mum asked me to do it for her and since she's paying me, aright. So that took about two hours. But i rewarded myself with NOS :) Then I took Chevy down to my favorite little island by Morehouse and let her go crazy in the water while i ate a picnick PJ and Fluff sandwhich, 'Crapola' granola, and a 2 liter Dr. Pepper :D :D And I also brought my Sharpies and made my mark. But that's irrelevant. ;) (The Schwa strikes O-Town once again! MWA HA!) So we chilled there until sundown, when it was really chilly. I didn't have anything warm to snuggle with since my dumb dog was soaked through, so I took us home. AND MADE COOKIES AND DANCED! It was really fabuless. Just tuned the XM to Alternative and shook it and baked and made a big cookie gooey mess. YUM! <>
In other news. Big decisions to be made this week. But I'm ready for it.. I think. Life's hard and it sucks, but hey :) you do what you gotta do. And I know where I want to be (Hah, get it, TBS reference..) and how to get there... so ... the only thing left to do.. is.. DO IT! We all need a little help sometimes. The only difference between the weak and strong is that the strong are willing to ask. ;) WHOAAAHH lookit me gettin all Ghandi on ya'll. Aright. I'm done. :)

Today's food for thought...

"Surely nothing has to listen to so many stupid remarks as a painting in a museum."

And my personal favorite art of the moment:

"The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (Europe, Australia, Asia, America)" by Yinka Shonibare.
It's actually a re-make of sorts from a 17th century sketch. But I love love!!!

Epic Ski Fail

I just keep watching the first 13 seconds over and over. Great tutorial video--The skiier on the box totally eats powder. Practically cried I laughed so hard. Made my day!! < 3

Ps. can't wait for the snoooowwwww...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Say Yodel, You Say Yodel

Does anyone know how to get rid of a canker sore? Or maybe how the heck you get one in the first place? It's not like I've been kissing some sick nasty. Why me? It hurts soooo bad. Especially when I eat and talk... so I was eating some Strawberry Rhubarb pie earlier and it was like, one minute OH GOD it's so good and the next OH GOD it hurts. :( It is no fun, i tell ya..
Today, my family was supposed to go to Sever's Corn Maze ( ? ) in Shakopee. We had a groupon that got everyone half off admission. When we got there, waited in line, and finally reached the ticket lady she says: "That's only good for one person, so you owe me 55$." And so we sold our ticket to some other guy and walked off. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal except for my father's broken hand deal, and since he's not working we're slightly broke. Bummer. So we went to the Burnsville Mall and let the boys play Glow Golf. I picked up a huge drawing board for Art and some pens---later I'm planning on getting my creative on! Awwwh yeahhh. ;) I think I'm going to draw everyone I've ever met, but in the overall shape of a skeleton. Kinda like, every person makes up what I eventually am, ya know? I'll post it eventually if it's not a complete fail.
So, I finally put my sorry butt in gear and managed to (mostly) tune Zee (guitar). So I attempted to, fiddle around on it, but it's been so long since I last did anything it was pretty much pathetic. I'm gonna need some sort of refesher :b
Today's parting thought:
I love this guy. Watched his whole schpeel yesterday night. Laughed every minute. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

'Morph Thing'

Never thought I'd see something so creepy in all my life. The first photo is a mixture of Luke and I, and the second is Ethan and myself... toooooo funny!! (:(:

Ocean In The Way

There's an ocean inside my mind, it's all so murky, the truth's hard to find.


Mental Instability Ensues

You know, I reallly should stop facebookstalking----especially because i don't even have facebook right now.... hmmm... Well, it's 2:30. I attempted to go to sleep a while ago and ended up staring up at the ceiling so here I am. Typing to no one in particular and listening to Japenese punk rock. (That's the way to live .. now if only I had some Dr. Pepper, this'd be a regular party) Seriously though, check out the song Guitar ni Kubittake by Toyosaki Aki. It's totally random and I don't understand much, but it's so ENTERTAINING...
Anyways. Here's a good question to think about; How am I going to get up in four hours and function all day? Wanna know the answer? Ooooohh Red Bull, I hail thee...:) But to get to the real story. I got up at 11:30 today, oh god it was so good. ;) Unfortunately I have Economics at one, which ya'll prolly know already that I HATE. But I got through it. And if I could I'd tell Joe I thought she looked rather cute today, I shoulda secretly taken a picture or something. Then a quick run back to the house, and I'm back for Astronomy, the psycho class! RIGHT ON!!
My "FRIENDS" didn't show up right away b/c they were at a meeting *cough...cough* so I suffered for an hour. But then all was forgiven because Jamie brought me coffee. In fact, not only forgiven but I think I probably owe him, because coffee is life in a cup... hmm. Thanks!
Meeting was interesting. Calvin Prehn had a part, and I just love listening to that guy. Seriously, he mesmerizes me. It's like.... zombieafying. The way he talks, like, his whole thought process in general... it's just so... different and out there. I LOVE IT! It didn't even bother me that his part was waaayyy overtime. :) I liked it best when he talked about the light spilling around the edge of the doorway and then related it to your life, never thought of it that way before. Wicked awesome.
And now, a Wishlist:
1. To be forgiven
2. Visit Chad in Boston
3. Get an amp for my dumb guitar! AGH!
4. For it to snow NOW
5. A Modest Mouse or Mumford & Sons band tee
6. endless coffee IV....Dunkin Donuts preferably
7. to be able to see TBS, Blink, and Brand New in concert together
8. For my house to have an upstairs
9. Go to Lutsen this winter :D
10. new Converse; mine are dead

People of the Rennassiance 3

This one gets a post all to itself because it's the winner. Pretty much I wanna BE her she's so cool, huh? x)

People of the Renassaince 2

People of the Rennaisance

Awesome and nerdy. :D Pretty much the best part of my whole day.