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"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?"-Picasso

Monday, September 27, 2010

No Need To Be Lonely

Good evening friendlies.

My father had his surgery today, at 11:45 AM. Dr. Ivans put two big pins in his thumb to hold it in place, and they'll stay in there for about 10 days-2 weeks. After that, he gets a cast for a month. So, I walked out of my Microcomputer class early (it's a bore anyway) and stopped by Starbucks on my way to the hospital. Who was in front of me in line, other than Amy Chambers and her husband? Her total was like $2.04 and she didn't have any change, so I lent her five cents :) cuz I'm a nice kid! Then I got my Mum her skinny, sugar-free caramel macchiato and decided to try a skinny toffee mocha for kicks. (It tastes just like a cupcake mocha... too sweet for me.)

Arriving at our brand-new-renovated-fancy-pants hospital, I trudged upstairs to "Ambulatory Surgery." What exactly is Ambulatory? My Dad didn't get to ride in the ambulance at all... so I'm not really sure. Let's see, says:

"Of, pertaining to, or capable of walking."

Interesting. Anyways, Daddyo wasn't allowed any delicious Starbucks because
if he eats anything, there's a chance of asphyxiation by barfing (since the
anesthesiologist put him under). So we ate it all in front of him. ;) Then, he
went into the operating room, so we had to sit and wait. Took a trip down to the
cafeteria and ate some pretty Grade A chicken noodle soup, then went back up and
watched Spongebob. After about an hour he was out --they said it was going to be
fast, but i was still suprised!!

The very lovely and kind Dr. Ivans said everything went fabulous, so the
Daddy was allowed to go home as soon as his BP dropped (which took almost two
hours....). BTW; the anesthesiologist was verrry cute! Didn't get his name. :^(
And he had a wedding ring on... AW!

All in all, pretty tame day for a visit to el hospital. And I made peanut
butter rice krispies! So, a parting thought for today:

Not my own photo!^^

Trampled By A Turtle

;) Naw, not the band. But that'd be cute. This guy was just walking along with his little wagon and cup on his head, making A LOT of cash! (***jealous!! if only I could just walk around with a cup on MY head!!)

Turkey Legs: $6.00

Delicious. Also the size of my head.

Stuck Inna Tree

At one point when I was around this guy, he sees this strange dude walking past him and yells out, "GET YOUR HANDS OUTTA YOUR POCKETS, YA PERVERT!!"



Pickle People

Magic Shrooms




Do You Like My Hat?

Luke's 'gay pose.' (; Showing his feminine beauty off to the ladies.

To the Death!

Pretty sexy in the armour, eh?

Sir Oren's Horse

'Sir Oren's' horse. He hit the other knight across the head with his shield in the end and won.

Strange Line Up

Before the joust... : >




The only proof that I actually attended the Rennaissance Festival.

"Red" and "Blue"

A thought-provoking exhibit at the MIA-Minneapolis Institute of Art. All cloth/silk boxes with pictures of people inside, and there are little square holes cut on the outside so you can look in.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Among The Chaos

So, just a short post, but don't be fooled--
This is amazing.
Today, I met some really awesome people in the city. They're in a band, even! A hardcore band, at that. They were fantaz.
Based right in our lovely St. Paul! I met Ben, Jonny, Nick... everyone except Alex (yeah, funny/sad.).
Thanks for making my saturday absolutflippinwickedbeast guys.< 3

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sash the Owl

I finally decided to add something to Morrigan the Tree. Meet Sash. Based on fellow Blogger Andrea Gutierrez's designs. Love her. For her link, look down (you MUST check out her site(s)!!)

Floodwater Fail


My K2 Cinch Vette Bindings came today, along with my awesomelicious DC bag (for my baby, so it won't get scratched). They are BEAUTIFUL... I can't WAIT for the powder. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular strap-in bindings.... the reclining hi-back is bomb, bomb, bomb, BOMB. AH! Plus, this is the first time I mounted them myself, like a big girl :) Pretty proud of me, using a big Dewalt (?) Drill and all.

Anyways, today was a fatal fail for me. I woke up at 6:30 and showered and got all dressed (you have to make it count on Fridays) and I was about to make my hair 'sessay' (quote-What Not To Wear) when THE POWER WENT OUT. Yes, at 7:20 this morning the power went out in my house. My coffee stopped brewing, my straightener wouldn't heat, and I couldn't put any mascara on in the dark for fear of poking out my eyeball. So I sat on the couch with my dog and waited.

About fifteen minutes later, the power came back (THANKFULLY!). So I started finishing up my makeup.(... Hey! An oxy-moron!) Then the phone rings. Now, NO ONE-family OR friends-calls us before 10 AM unless someone has died. So I race out to the kitchen and answer. It's an emergency phone call from the City of Owatonna, warning us not to go on CR 45, Hwy 14, or drive through standing water.

Obviously, at this point, it dawns on me: WHY THE HECK WOULD I BE GOING TO SCHOOL IN A FLOOD? So I jump on the intertubes, and sure enough, my first two classes (8:00 and 10:00) are cancelled. Now, this wouldn't be TERRIBLE if it wasn't for the fact that I stayed up until 3 AM watching Robin Hood. So I'm running on-what? Three hours of sleep at best?

Anyway, that's the story of my life. On a scale of one to ten, it's AWESOME!;) If you can beat that with a better story, I'll send you a present.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holy Stuff!

Well, these are the steampunk goggles I would DIE to have, but seeing as they're $7,500
But we can all still admire the beauty and ingenuity, right?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soundtrack of My Life

See, it's not like I didn't mean what I said when I said
"I'll put my money where my mouth is"
And I put my money where my mouth was
Until I couldn't breathe through my nose
And now I'm staring at the floor
Where my second life just ended
Where I lost not one but two friends
Yeah, I had it all, sitting on top of the world
But I threw it away just to prove that I could
I put my money where my mouth is
See, I recall quite perfectly who I was
Both before and after the drugs
Both before and after the drugs
I put my money where my mouth is
I put my money where my mouth was
I got a strong will, just weak hands
And I don't know what to do with either of them
Yeah, I had it all sitting on top of the world
But I threw it all away just to prove that I could
Just to prove that I could
I put my money where my mouth is
I put my money where my mouth is
I put my money where my mouth is
You're the knight in shining armour
With a mother and a father
You had everything, everything you needed
And it was made crystal clear that would not change
Yeah, I had it all sitting on top of the world
But I threw it away just to prove that I could
Yeah, I had it all, Yeah, I had it so good
But I threw it away just to prove that I could
I put my money where my mouth is
I put my money where my mouth is
I put my money where my mouth is
Yeah, I had it all.
(Where My Mouth Is/Taking Back Sunday)

Kitten At Heart

Here we have the inspiration AND the final product!
My favorite is the angry one.

I Hate Economics Class

Even at college it still sucks...!
Here's what I learned today;
1. Mechanics
2. Key Guy
3. Felicia


So, as of yesterday, I've been on this Earth for 17 years.
Funny, it feels more like 17,000.
I thought I'd put up this photo in honor of me lasting this long, and as a testimony to the fact that I bought Luke skinny jeans.
He wore them to the meeting and pranced around saying loudly, "SKINNY JEANS!"
Serves me right.