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"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?"-Picasso

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nature Is Disrupted
Pretty much the best song ever...^-^ Pertaining to a certain 'fartstick' in the words of Greg Cousins. Haha!! Awwhhe... thanks to London and Jordan for that day in the Cash Wise parking lot when they first made me listen to it. I appreciated that they decided it was My Song. :) Ahm... Yeah so I made a pretty cool video but my computer is having issues tonight so I will have to share it some other time. :/ Which is a bummer, because its really... well, its entertaining at least. OOOH It just thundered and lightenininged....! Yaay!! I like sleeping during storms. They are pretty... and I love waking up to rain... hmm maybe I am just a depressing person in the morning. Until I have my coffee. I'm like that guy in the McDs commercial--everything's just NO until I get caffiene... ^-0 AH I NEED THE PLASTIC BEACH CD (like, the real legitamate material CD, not MP3 format or anything)!!!! Which means I need money.
Sigh. I ...stoled onto Facebook earlier :b Idek how to say it.. but mostly just hoping to talk to someone. I even resorted to the DREADED POKING... I hate the poke.. it's just, the most POINTLESS ANNOYING THING. But I was hoping it might be useful in getting people's attention. Unfortunately, not. I just needed someone to talk to but it was all alone ... everyone's out partying on a Saturday :) And i guess when you poke it doesn't register to cell phones either? I'm not sure. >:#
[i miss you!]{hug}

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