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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

55 Songs to Play Extremely Loud in Your Car

If you don't know these or own them already, check 'em out nowww! This is really a short list, but it's some of my current favourites.
1. Death By Diamonds and Pearls/Band of Skulls
2. Friends/Band of Skulls
3. Positive Tension/Bloc Party
4. Helicopter/Bloc Party
5. Hunting For Witches/Bloc Party
6. Light It Up/Blood Red Shoes
7. At The Bottom/Brand New
8. Daisy/Brand New
9. Guns of Summer/Coheed & Cambria
10. Here We Are Juggernaut/Coheed & Cambrai
11. Bye Bye Beautiful/Coheed & Cambria
12. I Cut Like A Buffalo/The Dead Weather
13. New Pony/The Dead Weather
14. Blue Blood Blues/The Dead Weather
15. Hustle and Cuss/The Dead Weather
16. Gasoline/The Dead Weather (Basically any song by them KICKS BUTT)
17. When I'm Gone/Eminem :)
18. 25 To Life/Eminem
19. Ulysses/Franz Ferdinand
20. Chyeaaa!/From First To Last
21. Clint Eastwood/Gorillaz
22. Stylo/Gorillaz
23. Take It Off/Ke$ha
24. Dinosaur/Ke$ha
25. Monster/Lady Gaga
26. Teeth/Lady Gaga
27. Daylight/Matt and Kim
28. Tease/The Medic Droid
29. Brian Eno/MGMT
30. Electric Feel/MGMT
31. Jane Fonda/Mickey Avalon x)
32. Black Cadillacs/Modest Mouse
33. King Rat/Modest Mouse
34. Float On/Modest Mouse
35. Little Lion Man/Mumford & Sons
36. Violet Eyes/My Gold Mask
37. Emergency [Alternative Version]/Paramore
38. Careful/Paramore
39. Dearest (I'm So Sorry)/Picture Me Broken
40. My Darkest Hour/Scary Kids Scaring Kids
41. Spider Besider/Secret & Whisper
42. XOXOXO/Secret & Whisper
43. Tell 'Em/Sleigh Bells
44. Crown on the Ground/Sleigh Bells
45. Treats/Sleigh Bells
46. Cut Me Up Jenny/Taking Back Sunday
47. Carpathia/Taking Back Sunday
48. Timberwolves At New Jersey/Taking Back Sunday
49. Cobrastyle/Teddybears
50. Heads Will Roll/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
51. Gold Lion/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
52. Warrior/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
53. Phenomena/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
54. Ambling Alp/Yeasayer
55. Tuff 'n Stuff/Yes Giantess

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