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"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?"-Picasso

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Camper

Cutie! #_# At least his smile cheers me today. My FRIENDS are all having a Star Wars party marathon :b I wouldn't mind but no one wants to just be honest to me, it's always 'i'm busy' or whatever. Like, I don't mind, REALLY! I'd just wish you had the guts to SAY IT! I'm gonna find out anyway, i'm not completely dumb. I had my own party anyweyyy with Erick and Sara and Big O. :) It was fun. And I ate sooo much canddyyy^-^ Yum! Annd lets see. I'm worried I got my friend into trouble. I din't mean to. Although APPARENTLY facebook played into that a lot WHICH I WASNT TOLD. See, I knew facebook is a no-no, it just gets ya into trouble. :b But I'm not texting or trying to meet up or get together with people, so. And I'm gonna have a conversation with parental unit tomorow so that everything's straight between us.. Cause I'm doing this the right way :) START IT OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT. Although this person needs to figure it out and start at least trying to do what his parents want, because he is just making it hard for himself... I found that out the hard way.... Just being honest! I only say it cause I care :) And they honestly honestly just want to help and make sure nothing bad happens to him. So. Or at least give them some information so that they aren't like, frustrated and worried and angry and all. I dunno, I don't live there so I can't say, that's just what I think. :/
All the kids, all the kids these days...
Do you really wanna be that way?
Let me say, let me say, let me say,
Does it really have to be that way?
Tell 'Em-Sleigh Bells.

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