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"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?"-Picasso

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mental Instability Ensues

You know, I reallly should stop facebookstalking----especially because i don't even have facebook right now.... hmmm... Well, it's 2:30. I attempted to go to sleep a while ago and ended up staring up at the ceiling so here I am. Typing to no one in particular and listening to Japenese punk rock. (That's the way to live .. now if only I had some Dr. Pepper, this'd be a regular party) Seriously though, check out the song Guitar ni Kubittake by Toyosaki Aki. It's totally random and I don't understand much, but it's so ENTERTAINING...
Anyways. Here's a good question to think about; How am I going to get up in four hours and function all day? Wanna know the answer? Ooooohh Red Bull, I hail thee...:) But to get to the real story. I got up at 11:30 today, oh god it was so good. ;) Unfortunately I have Economics at one, which ya'll prolly know already that I HATE. But I got through it. And if I could I'd tell Joe I thought she looked rather cute today, I shoulda secretly taken a picture or something. Then a quick run back to the house, and I'm back for Astronomy, the psycho class! RIGHT ON!!
My "FRIENDS" didn't show up right away b/c they were at a meeting *cough...cough* so I suffered for an hour. But then all was forgiven because Jamie brought me coffee. In fact, not only forgiven but I think I probably owe him, because coffee is life in a cup... hmm. Thanks!
Meeting was interesting. Calvin Prehn had a part, and I just love listening to that guy. Seriously, he mesmerizes me. It's like.... zombieafying. The way he talks, like, his whole thought process in general... it's just so... different and out there. I LOVE IT! It didn't even bother me that his part was waaayyy overtime. :) I liked it best when he talked about the light spilling around the edge of the doorway and then related it to your life, never thought of it that way before. Wicked awesome.
And now, a Wishlist:
1. To be forgiven
2. Visit Chad in Boston
3. Get an amp for my dumb guitar! AGH!
4. For it to snow NOW
5. A Modest Mouse or Mumford & Sons band tee
6. endless coffee IV....Dunkin Donuts preferably
7. to be able to see TBS, Blink, and Brand New in concert together
8. For my house to have an upstairs
9. Go to Lutsen this winter :D
10. new Converse; mine are dead


  1. You are given three wishes if lucky, you ask for ten? What have you accomplished by asking for these things and giving nothing to others?