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Monday, September 27, 2010

No Need To Be Lonely

Good evening friendlies.

My father had his surgery today, at 11:45 AM. Dr. Ivans put two big pins in his thumb to hold it in place, and they'll stay in there for about 10 days-2 weeks. After that, he gets a cast for a month. So, I walked out of my Microcomputer class early (it's a bore anyway) and stopped by Starbucks on my way to the hospital. Who was in front of me in line, other than Amy Chambers and her husband? Her total was like $2.04 and she didn't have any change, so I lent her five cents :) cuz I'm a nice kid! Then I got my Mum her skinny, sugar-free caramel macchiato and decided to try a skinny toffee mocha for kicks. (It tastes just like a cupcake mocha... too sweet for me.)

Arriving at our brand-new-renovated-fancy-pants hospital, I trudged upstairs to "Ambulatory Surgery." What exactly is Ambulatory? My Dad didn't get to ride in the ambulance at all... so I'm not really sure. Let's see, says:

"Of, pertaining to, or capable of walking."

Interesting. Anyways, Daddyo wasn't allowed any delicious Starbucks because
if he eats anything, there's a chance of asphyxiation by barfing (since the
anesthesiologist put him under). So we ate it all in front of him. ;) Then, he
went into the operating room, so we had to sit and wait. Took a trip down to the
cafeteria and ate some pretty Grade A chicken noodle soup, then went back up and
watched Spongebob. After about an hour he was out --they said it was going to be
fast, but i was still suprised!!

The very lovely and kind Dr. Ivans said everything went fabulous, so the
Daddy was allowed to go home as soon as his BP dropped (which took almost two
hours....). BTW; the anesthesiologist was verrry cute! Didn't get his name. :^(
And he had a wedding ring on... AW!

All in all, pretty tame day for a visit to el hospital. And I made peanut
butter rice krispies! So, a parting thought for today:

Not my own photo!^^

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